Collection: Recurve bow handles

Archery recurve bow handles for 21", 23" & 25" short medium and long bows. This provides the facility to adjust the overall length of the bow along with short, medium and long limbs. Not sure what you need contact use for information and help.

There are 2 different types of bow, these are bolt on limbs and ILF limbs.

ILF bow handles (international Limb Fit) Are a more flexible and superior bow. With this type of handle you can ;_

  • Adjust the draw weight
  • Adjust the center shot

This allows the bow to be "tuned" so that the bow is quiet when shot and allows the arrow to travel unimpeded by the bow.

Bolt on limbs are a fixed draw weight and if you wish to increase / decrease the draw weight then replacement limbs are required. There is no facility to tune the bow other than adjusting the brace height of the bow. Only consider bolt on limbs is you are a beginner.