Meet our sponsored shooters Cameron Radigan, Lucy Coutts Shay Boyd & Victoria Otterson

Cameron Radigan

Lucy Coutts

Cameron is currently training for the U21 Scottish Outdoor Championships and for selection for the Scottish Junior National Indoor Team 2018.

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Cameron Radigan I am a 17 year old engineering apprentice. When I was 2 I was diagnosed with a cancerous tumour in my left calf muscle, my surgeon managed to remove the tumour and leave me with the ability to walk. Due to the type of cancer I was given a 10% survival rate as the chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment was so intense. And even after that I was only expected to remain in remission for a maximum of 5 years, with a terminal tumour forming in my chest during that time. As this has not happened I am reviewed annually by the medical board at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Glasgow.

Over the years the treatment took its toll on my leg and when I was 13 I was solely reliant on a wheelchair. I requested that the NHS amputate my leg so I could have the same freedom of movement I had enjoyed previously. I took 3 years of meetings to convince them that this was in my best interests. My lower left leg was amputated on the 26th June 2018.

Eleven days later I competed for Scotland in the Junior Outdoor Championships in Shropshire. It would be very easy for me to take all the support I have been given for granted. Every athlete loves to be congratulated when they are winning. But it has been the messages of support from family, friends, sponsors and strangers that have kept me going through some dark days. When enough people believe you can do the impossible, you start to believe you can do the impossible too.

I am currently:
The British Men's Para Open Recurve Champion 2019
The Recurve Cadet Youth Commonwealth Champion 2019
An international Recurve Cadet Team Champion 2019
The Scottish Junior indoor Recurve Champion 2018
The Scottish Junior outdoor disabled Champion 2018

I am currently rank 1st Junior Recurve in Scotland 2019 I have obtained the Scottish record for the Junior Recurve Albion event as well as the Scottish record to the Junior Recurve double 720 event.

 Future Events I am attending: October 20th 2019, Scottish Junior indoor championships, Montrose November 30th 2019, British Junior indoor championships, Coventry December 1st 2019, British Senior indoor championships, Coventry

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Hi, my name is Lucy Coutts, I am a 13 year old archer who has been shooting as a member of Largs Archery club for almost three years. I am currently the Scottish indoor and outdoor champion for my age group and also 13th in Britain.  I also won the Silver Arrow trophy 2019. I enjoy the friendliness of archery and how much encouragement, support and coaching I get from other archers especially during training and practise sessions.

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Victoria Otterson

My name is Victoria Otterson and I am 18 years old. I have been shooting at Ayr Archery club for quite a few years now but only as a casual hobby. However, last year I decided that I wanted to go further in the sport and start competing a lot more, even possibly one day for my country. So I decided that I would up the amount of training that I was doing as I loved the sport and wanted to get better. I shot at the Scottish Junior and U21s indoor championships last October in Montrose and received the Girls U18 Recurve Indoor Champion trophy. I also placed 4th for Scottish Junior Girl Recurve during the 2019/2020 indoor season. Last season I received a handicap improvement medal for improving my handicap by 14 within a single season. I was really looking forward to competing in as many competitions as I possibly could this year and was booked in for quite a few including the Youth Festival in Lilleshall. Unfortunately due to current situation many of the competitions were cancelled but I continued to train as much as possible at home and then as soon as we were allowed I got back out to the archery ranges and started training at 70m. I am continuing to work hard at the sport and can’t wait for competitions to begin again!

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Shay Boyd

My Name is Say Boyd and i am 14 years old. I have been shooting for 6 years as a member of ASKA (Ancient Society of Kilwinning Archers), which is the oldest archery club in the world. I am currently un-ranked due to the COVID-19 outbreak but last year ranked 9th indoors and 2nd outdoors in the under 14 category. I hope to get selected for the Scottish Junior National Team when the competitions are back up and running.My dream is to be able to qualify for the GB Olympic team