Recurve Club Shooter Stark Ligero

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The Stark Ligero 25"  riser is made from magnesium for a lighter feel and is in combination with Stark Prestigure wood / fiber limbs. The kit supplied includes :-
  • Stark Ligero handle in choice of colours
  • Stark prestigue limbs in choice of limb weights
  • Nitro pre stretched fast flight string with brass nocks
  • Cartel X-Pert magnetic arrow rest
  • Cartel Supra adjustable pressure button
  • Cartel K-Focus long fine adjustment recurve sight
  • Avalon Classic 3 tube quiver with belt and 2 pockets
  • Avalon Tyro Backpack
  • Decut Rugbii finger tab with finger spaces and thumb plate
  • Cartel short Hunter 101 armguard
  • Avalon woven bow stringer
  • Cartel EZY tripod bow stand
  • 6 x Easton XX75 arrows in spine to match bow draw weight
We can optionally set up your bow ready to shoot. We can set you draw weight 9 wind up or down. Brace height, center shot and tiller. We also affix your arrow rest, set your pressure button and affix sight mount.




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