Kits For Adults

FAQ's for beginner archers
What equipment do I need? The kits we supply offer most everything you will need to start your archery adventure.
How do I decide what to buy? To a great extent that will depend on your budget and how intent you are developing into an experienced archer.
Does the equipment needed change depending on whether I am right or left handed? Yes most archery equipment is handed. In archery the handing is dictated by which hand you DRAW the bow with. If you draw with your right and hold the bow in your left hand then you are right handed.
What sort of arrows do I need? We supply arrows as part of you kit, these will be selected to be compatible with your chosen bow bow draw weight.
Do I need to be strong? No we would advise that for an adult male you go not higher then a 24lbs draw weight and female 20lbs. Archery is about repetition and practise, have a bow to too high a draw weight will not aid in developing your skills.
Where can I practise? You don't need a great deal of distance, archery is about technique, not where the arrow hits the target. You can practise at very close range. 5-10m for a beginners shooting at the target is the norm for a club.
I have no experience of archery where can I learn? Because of lockdown there are very few, if any places you can learn. That is why we have designed our on-line course. It will take you through archery from the very basics.
I have more questions where can I get answers? You can either email us on or download The Archers Guide from our links page.
Choosing the right bow size and draw weight Choosing the correct bow handing and bow type