Compound Bow Repairs

(We Do Not Repair Crossbows)

Our labour costs re charged at £45 per hour for the first hour and £20 for each additional half hour. Below are the estimated labour costs (excluding parts) for different types or repair.

Compound bow service £45

Prior to dis-assembly all measurements will be noted for brace height, poundage, draw length, etc so that the bow can be reassembled to the same specification. If we find an inconsistency, we will discuss this with you prior to reassembling the bow. Your bow will be completely stripped down, all components will be thoroughly checked and cleaned. Upon reassembly the cams, limbs and axles will be aligned, with peep position, D-loop etc installed to the same position.

Sight Alignment £20

Full set up to align the peep scope and bow, 3rd axis will also be aligned where possible

String & Cable Fitting £35

Cables and strings will be replaced and cam lean, timing will be set to the same as the old strings unless these were out of tolerance to begin with. Sting ill be fitted with nocking points.

Peep Sight fitting £6 (only available with service or string and cable fitting)

Peep sight will be fitted and tied in but final adjustment of height will be the clients responsibility.

D-Loop Fitting £3 (only available with service or string and cable fitting)

D-loops fitted and professional pliers are used to tension the loop.

All the above prices are for labour only, all materials are additional.

Cables single colour BCYX X99           Pair        £33.95

Cable single colour BCYX X99            Single     £16.95

String single colour BCYX X99                         £34.95

Cables two colour BCYX X99              Pair        £41.95

Cable two colour BCYX X99               Single     £21.95

String two colour BCYX X99                              £42.95

D-Loop material                                              £1.00

Peep Sights From                                            £7.95

If you have a different type of repair, for example limb replacement please contact us for an estimated cost.