Archery Courses and Experiences Terms & Conditions

Participants will be informed of a time in advance of the event to arrive This is to accommodate processing of paperwork so that it does not impinge upon the time set for the event. Late arrival will impact on the event and would cause other participants to wait until safety briefings, etc are repeated. Late arrival cannot be accommodated and will result in the late participant not being allowed to shoot. No refund or alternative dates will be offered.

The minimum number of participants for both experiences and beginner’s courses is 4 people. We will endeavour to give you your choice of date, but if this is unavailable or there are insufficient people an alternative date will be offered. Should no alternative dates be suitable a refund will be offered.

Circumstances under which a refund or alternative date WILL be offered.

  1. The event is not safe to shoot due to severe weather.
  2. Insufficient staff are available to keep the event safe.
  3. If the participant does not agree a date for their event.

If a participant has used a Gift Voucher to pay for the event an alternative date will be offered but any refund would be to the original purchaser of the Gift Voucher.

Circumstances under which refunds WILL NOT be offered.

  1. The participant has not sent their declaration form prior to the event.
  2. The participant has not disclosed information on their disclaimer which would have a significant impact on the provision of the correct equipment or support for the event.
  3. A participant wishes to cancel or reschedule the event after a booking is confirmed.
  4. A participant does not attend the event on the specified book date / time.
  5. A participant is late to the event and cannot shoot due to having missed the safety briefing.
  6. A participant over 18 years of age does not provide a signed waiver.
  7. A Participant under 18 years of age does not provide a signed waiver counter signed by a parent or guardian over 18 years of age.
  8. A participant attends the course but either refuses to participate or withdraws during the event for whatever reason.