The Perfect Archery Shooting Glasses

We have been offering various shooting glasses for some time. While they are good for rifle shooting, their design is not perfect for archery, as the nose bridge often blocks the view of the point of aim. We spent time working with one of the UK’s premier shooting glasses manufacturer to design glasses specifically for archery. The result is called Paradox.

The Evolution Paradox is designed specifically for archery enthusiasts. In common with other dedicated archery eye wear, Paradox has no nose piece to interfere with vision at the point of aim. It is extremely light weight at just 28gm and has a quick lens changeover to cope with varying light conditions. The wrap style design prevents any reflections and protects the eye from airborne dirt and grit in windy conditions. The legs are flexible to cope with most youth and adult head sizes.

The lenses are shatter proof, polycarbonate and have UVA and UVB protection and are RX rated, meaning the lens has zero distortion.

But  by far the most surprising feature is the price. A full set, including 3 lenses, interchangeable legs, and zipper case is just £39.95 while individual pairs of glasses are just £19.95

Paradox is available in 3 individual colours and a 3-Lens Interchangeable model. The archery-specific colour options are:
• Blue lens for indoor and outdoor use and designed to highlight the gold bull
• Brown Category 3 lens adding contrast for outdoor use in bright sun
• Light Green-Yellow lens for indoor archery under artificial light or outdoor with low or poor light conditions

Paradox can be purchased as individual units with  specific tinted lens or as a 3 interchangeable lens set with a hard zipper storage case and micro-fiber cleaning cloth and draw string bag.

You can purchase Paradox glasses here


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Legend XT-420 Field Quiver

We now stock the new range of Legend quivers, belt pouches and back packs. NUSensei video product review is great as he really gives it a full run down and field test watch it here

You can purchase this on our website

Legend XT-420 archery field quiver


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NUSensei The Archers Archer

When we first set up Red Frog Archery

One of the resources we used all the time was NUSensei’s YouTube channel which we found to be a wealth of information both for product reviews and archery technique. If you are a complete beginner and want to learn more about archery have a look at his YouTube Channel

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Gehmann Adjustable Iris Sight Pin Review

Red Frog Review of the Gehmann sight pin

The Gehmann sight pin is unique in the way it addresses the problem of target picture. Unlike most other pins, some of which offer interchangeable grommets to change the housing diameter, this one has an adjustable aperture just like an old SLR camera. The iris can be adjusted, in seconds, from 0.5-12mm by simply rotating the outer collar. In this way the same target picture can be achieved on different target sizes and at different distances. Another advantage, which  the manufactures seems  to have omitted, is that because there is not a clear optic it is unaffected by reflections in sunny weather and water droplets in wet conditions.

Have a look at our video review

The Gehmann sight pin comes with either an 8/32 thread for recurve or a 10/32 for compound and simply screws into your existing sight mount head

  • 22 indexed points are marked from 0.5 – 12.0mm
  • Iris leaves with special surface coating eliminate oxidation and preserve the mat black anti-glare finish
  • Archers can focus on the same colour rings at different distances with an identical target picture for all
  • Bow hunters can determine distance to the quarry by noting the iris aperture for a given game silhouette
  • Available in two stainless steel threads: 8/32 for Recurve and 10/32 for compound

The Gehmann can be purchased from our website on this link


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